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Kayla and Layla are twins who were separated at birth.




Kayla and Layla are twins who were separated at birth. A researcher interested in studying heredity tracks them down and speaks to their different families about the benefits that can be achieved by studying the two young girls. The girls and their different sets of parents agree to participate, and studies begin assessing various areas of the girls' lives. In order for this type of twin study to be most effective, what kind of twins should Kayla and Layla be?;a.;conjoined;b.;monozygotic;c.;amorphous;d.;dizygotic;Contestants on the television show "Wheel of Fortune" and "Jeopardy!" are given category labels before each new puzzle or question. Providing these labels is intended to activate __________ processing.;a.;bottom-down;b.;top-down;c.;bottom-up;d.;top-up;You watch LeShon wave his 4th of July sparkler as he runs. As you watch the light, you notice a circle of light rather than just a single point of light. This effect demonstrates the functioning of your;a.;echoic memory.;b.;flashbulb memory.;c.;iconic memory.;d.;short-term memory.;Your best friend is an airline pilot. You often ask him about his flying experiences, but the stories he tells are rather bland. One day he invites you to accompany him on a flight. Surprisingly, once you are up in the air, he begins to share with you all kinds of interesting stories. What is the best explanation for this change?;a.;State-dependent learning;b.;Encoding specificity;c.;Context-dependent learning;d.;Mood-dependent learning


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