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Lucia has suffered an injury to one of the major structures of her limbic system. One of her symptoms




Lucia has suffered an injury to one of the major structures of her limbic system. One of her symptoms is that she cannot seem to remember the layout of her own house. It is as if her mental map of the rooms, furniture, and other parts of her home have been scrambled up. It is most likely that the structure impacted by Lucia's injury is the;a.hypothalamus;b.hippocampus;c.amygdala;d.reticular activating system;15.Kayla and Layla are twins who were separated at birth. A researcher interested in studying heredity tracks them down and speaks to their different families about the benefits that can be achieved by studying the two young girls. The girls and their different sets of parents agree to participate, and studies begin assessing various areas of the girls' lives. In order for this type of twin study to be most effective, what kind of twins should Kayla and Layla be?;a.conjoined;b.monozygotic;c.amorphous;d.dizygotic;16.Which of the following most closely mimics the process of transduction?;a.Betty mixes eggs, flour, and sugar together to make a cake.;b.While painting, Stan combines the colors red and blue to make purple.;c.Gas companies convert crude oil into a fuel that car engines can run on.;d.Nike changes its logo from a "swoosh" to a "panther.;20.When Stewart wakes up at night and has to walk from his bedroom to the bathroom in the dark, he is most directly aided in this process by his;a.cones.;b.corneas.;c.irises.;d.rods.;21.Pete has played lead guitar in a rock band for years. He often would turn the volume on his guitar way up and spend a great deal of time in front of the speakers during the shows. His resulting hearing loss over the past few years is most likely the result of;a.conductive deafness.;b.nerve deafness.;c.noise-induced hearing loss.;d.tinnitus.;25.Which of the following best illustrates the paradox of memory?;a.Jillian can remember all of her favorite baseball player's statistics for the last 7 years, but forgets where she left her car keys.;b.Amy remembers the names of most of her third-grade students from the last several years.;c.Ryan can remember almost all of the states and capitals, but is struggling to remember the names of foreign countries.;d.Nina finds it difficult to accurately recall some of her childhood memories.;26.You watch LeShon wave his 4th of July sparkler as he runs. As you watch the light, you notice a circle of light rather than just a single point of light. This effect demonstrates the functioning of your;a.echoic memory.;b.flashbulb memory.;c.iconic memory.;d.short-term memory.;27.Which of the following best illustrates retroactive interference?;a.Susie struggles to learn how to play the violin, after playing the guitar for many years.;b.Chet struggles to learn the names of the new players he added to his fantasy baseball roster.;c.Professor Jones struggles to learn the names of his new students after teaching for many years prior.;d.Coach Todd calls one of her old softball players the name of one of her new players.;28.Jeff is studying with a fellow classmate and is frustrated that he is missing several important concepts from his notes. Jeff claims that the professor "never said that in class," and yet his friend has the information recorded in his notes. What kind of failure of memory might Jeff have experienced?;a.Retrieval;b.Storage;c.Encoding;d.Rehearsal;29.While attempting to visit a friend in Boston, Enrique is struggling with his friend's directions. They go something like this, "Turn left at the ball park, right at the movie theater, go around the mall, and make a left turn." The directions are almost meaningless, because Enrique has never been to Boston before. Which of the following provides the best explanation for the breakdown in communication?;a.Enrique is experiencing retroactive interference.;b.Enrique is experiencing the recency effect.;c.Enrique does not have a schema to attach the new information to.;d.Enrique is trying to process too much information at one time.;30.Your best friend is an airline pilot. You often ask him about his flying experiences, but the stories he tells are rather bland. One day he invites you to accompany him on a flight. Surprisingly, once you are up in the air, he begins to share with you all kinds of interesting stories. What is the best explanation for this change?;a.State-dependent learning;b.Encoding specificity;c.Context-dependent learning;d.Mood-dependent learning


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