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prepare year-end adjustments to the following situations




In an Excel spreadsheet configured similarly to the journal shown below, prepare year-end adjustments to the following situations. Omit explanations.;Accrued interest on notes receivable is $105.;Of the $12,000 received in advance of earning a service, one-third was still unearned by year end.;Three years' rent, totaling $36,000, was paid in advance at the beginning of the year.;Services totaling $5,300 had been performed, but not yet billed.;Depreciation on trucks totaled $3,400 for the year.;Supplies available for use totaled $690. However, by year end, only $100 in supplies remained.;Payroll for the five-day work week, to be paid on Friday, is $30,000. Year end falls on a Monday.;journal


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