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BUSN - The Apple Computer Company




The Apple Computer Company is one of the most innovative technology companies to;emerge in the last three decades. Apple, Inc. is responsible for bringing to market such;products as the Macintosh computer and laptop, the iPod and iTunes, and most recently;the iPhone. The success of the company can be traced primarily to a single individual, the;co-founder, Steven Jobs.;First, review the following case study;Steve Jobs and Apple, Inc.;;Then, respond to the following;Determine and explain what type of leader Steve Jobs was.;Explain how his vision and values were reflected in his leadership style.;Summarize the initial challenges he faced when starting Apple. Specifically, address Jobs;strategy and implementation.;Identify and explain the drivers for change in the personal computer industry.;Discuss how Steve Jobs used partnerships and collaboration.;Analyze Jobs approach to continuous process improvement.;Determine what skills, ideas, and approaches might be useful in your own work/life;situation.;Utilize at least two scholarly sources.;Write a 35-page report in Word format. Apply APA standards to the citation of sources.


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