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William argues that unless population growth




William argues that unless population growth and economic growth are halted, the world will soon run out of edible food, drinkable water, and breathable air because the world faces a fixed amount of these natural resources. William concludes that real GDP cannot increase indefinitely.;Which of the following are appropriate rebuttals to William's conclusion?;I. The Earth can hold an infinite number of people.;II. Market forces recognize shortages and make necessary adjustments to efficiently allocate scarce resources.;III. Increases in real GDP can come about through producing goods and services that are of higher quality rather than of higher quantity.;IV. Increases in wealth and productivity expand society's capacity to safeguard the environment.;A. None of these are flaws in his conclusion;B. I, II, III, and IV;C. II and IV only;D. III and IV only;E. II, III, and IV only


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