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Arbusto Oil Company acquired a lease on October 15, 2005 for $200,000 cash. No drilling was done on the lease during the first year. Since Arbusto wixhed to retain the lease a delay rental of $10,000 was paid on October 15,2006. During November and December of 2006, three dry holes were drilled on surrounding leases. Based on the dry holes, Arbusto?s management decided the lease was 75% impaired. Arbusto had still not started drilling operations by the end of the second year and so paid a second delay rental. During November 2007, with less than one year of the primary term left, Arbusto drilled a dry hole on the lease and decided to abandon the leas. Because of the end of Arbusto?s accounting period is December 31 and for income tax purposes, Arbusto executed a quit claim deed (surrendered the lease) and relinquished all rights to the lease the last day of November 2007.;-Give the journal entries.


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