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Organizational Input Requirements" Please respond to the following;Demonstrate the best possible steps for a project manager to take in order to price out a job in which the specifications are not prepared until the job is half over. Provide a rationale for your response.;*From the e-Activities, prepare a real-world example of the following task dependency examples;Finish to Start: You must buy a building before you can start to make changes to it.;Start to Start: You can start planning the brick design for a patio at the same time that you start to lay its foundation;Finish to Finish: If you were buying a house, you would want to be sure that you close the sale of your old house the same time that you close the sale of the house you were buying.;Start to Finish: You would want to have set the date and location for your wedding before you send out wedding invitations.;Initial Pricing Activities" Please respond to the following;Determine the manner in which the project manager and project team uses the WBS to develop a reliable bottom-up estimate. Support your response with one (1) real-world example of such usage.;Give an example of two (2) common risks that a project manager may encounter when planning a project. For each risk identified, provide a possible preventive action or response.


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