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BUSN - Learning Plan 9 Assignment - Effective Negotiating Strategy




Learning Plan 9;Target Competency;Analyze the final steps of the selling process (i.e., responding to objections, obtaining comment and formal negotiating).;Directions for Assignment - Effective Negotiating Strategy;This chapter describes a number of basic conflict handling modes that people use in negotiation. These include competing, collaborating, compromising, avoiding, and accommodating.;Carefully reread the section that describes these modes. For each mode, identify someone you know who falls into the mode and answer the following questions. It will probably help to think of a specific situation that you have observed or have experienced with the person.;In 250 ? 300 words answer the following questions;1. How do you know this person has this conflict-handling mode? Identify specific behaviors that you?ve observed or heard about to support your assertion about this person.;2. How do you and others interact with this person during a conflict situation? In other words, what do you do? How do you respond to this person?s behavior? Is your approach effective?;3. Would you like to have this person on your team during an important negotiation session? Why or why not?


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