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I need help in generating a claim response letter,...




I need help in generating a claim response letter, The specifics are follows: - Write the Customer Claim Response Letter using Microsoft Word with a 1-inch margin (left, right, top, and bottom) - Each student will write a 2 page Customer Claim Response Letter attempting to rectify the complaint spelled out from a fictitious customer's claim letter. -The letter should be written using your best effort to regain the recipient's confidence and provide ways to solve the problem, if possible. -The topics to rectify a problem using a Customer Claim Response Letter: will be regarding a defective product, false advertising, unsatisfactory service -Criteria: Be creative but remember to keep your audience in mind, apologize for things that went wrong, acknowledge and empathize, provide information for the problem, explain how the issue will be resolved, thank the customer for their business, appropriate content, organization, proper writing mechanics, and above all, BE professional. -Note: Points will be deducted if the paper does not comply by the guidelines described above. If you do not have any other questions please help me


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