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Life-Span Development




Assignment 2: Article Analysis;Week 2 online lectures;From your textbook, Life-Span Development;Physical development in infancy;Cognitive development in infancy;Socioemotional development in infancy;Physical and cognitive development in early childhood;Socioemotional development in early childhood;Physical and cognitive development in middle and late childhood;Socioemotional development in middle and late childhood;From your textbook, Annual editions: Human development;Article 6 Keys to Quality Infant Care: Nurturing Every Baby's Life Journey;Article 7 Vaccination Nation;Article 10 Little by Little;In this assignment, you will critically evaluate articles in the field of adult development. Each week, you will read two articles from the Annual Editions: Human Development textbook (see the weekly readings for the chosen articles). For each article, do the following;Write a summary.;Describe the main points of the article and how it relates to the week?s course and text readings.;Evaluate the article on the basis of your own thoughts and perspectives on the topic covered.;Write your responses in a Word document, and name it PSY2022_W2_A2_lastname_firstname.doc. By Tuesday, January 21, 2014, submit your work to the W2: Assignment 2 Dropbox.;Use the lessons and vocabulary found in the readings. Your responses should clarify your understanding of the topic and should be original and free from plagiarism. Follow APA guidelines for the writing style, spelling and grammar, and citation of sources.;Assignment 2 Grading Criteria;Maximum Points;Wrote a summary for each of the articles.;20;Described the main points of both the articles, explained how they relate to the week's topics and text readings, and evaluated the articles on the basis of your own thoughts and perspectives on the topics covered.;20;Used correct spellings, grammar, professional vocabulary and utilized APA format.;10;Total;50;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 3;Level of Detail: Show all work


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