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Moviepaper:GirlInterrupted;Xin Shu;PSYC-303;Borderline Personality Disorder is a personality disorder involving pervasive;pattern of instability of interpersonal relationship, self-image, and affects, and marked;impulsivity, beginning by early adulthood. Its one kind of personality disorder. The;movie Girl, Interrupted focuses on describing the process of recovery from this;illness of a girl, Susanna, who was diagnosed as a with borderline personality;disorder. Girl, Interrupted is a good movie to show depicts the borderline;personality disorder accurately.;Susanna had a history of both self- damaging harm (taking a whole ingesting an;entire bottle of aspirin together with vodka) and self-mutilating (cutting) behavior.;Evidence for her self-harm/self-mutilation is depicted when When she was in hospital;for treatment, a nurse is shown finding found a horrible scar on her wrist. Once In one;instance she was talking withdisloses to her boyfriend, she that she described herself;isas a creature who loves to imagine death. This kind of action matches one of the;DSM-Borderline Personality Disorders diagnoses characteristic of Recurrent;suicidal behavior, gestures, or threats or self-mutilating behavior. We can also;identify that Susanna has a tendency toward suicide which was supported by the;following article: Suicide in borderline personality disorder: A meta-analysis, the;meta-analysis show us althouth there are some factors influence the suicide rate,but;the suicide rate for BPD patients is still much higher than the general population.;(Pompili, Maurizio, Girardi, Paolo, Ruberto, Amedeo, Tatarelli, Roberto,Nordic;Journal of Psychiatry, Oct2005, Vol. 59 Issue 5, p319-324. 6p);Susanna was identity disturbance. When Dr. Melvin asked she how does she feel;after she tried to kill herself, Susanna can only answer I dont know. This showed;unstable sense of self. Susanna also believed that she has no bone s in her hand.;However, she said her bone would come back when she needed to pick up the aspirin.;Those actions are related to the definition of BPD by DSM-IV, Identity disturbance;making and presistently unstable self-image or sense of self. Susanna thought her;favorite word is ambivalent in the movie. She thought this word means I dont;clear. But Dr. Wike told her that this word means both. It showed that she was in;severe contradiction between two mood which meansshe was in a dilemma condition.;Susanna also had a pattern of unstable and intense interpersonal relationship s.;Acturlly, she had a intense relationship with her parents through out the whole movie.;The movie implied that her father was emotionally absent throughout her life and she;didn't get along with her mother. Women with BPD describe their fathers as having;been even less caring than their mothers that means fathers here were physically;present until the daughter reached at least the age of 16. But it seems that they were;emotionally absent. (Laporte Lise & Guttman Herta, Recollections of parental;bonding among women with borderline personality disorder as compared with women;with anorexia nervosa and a control group, Australian Journal of Psychology. Dec;2007, Vol. 59 Issue 3, p132-139. 8p. 1 Chart.). Before she came to the hospital, she;had almost no girl friend. But when Bolis illness broke out and fell into despression;Susanna sang songs for her whole night and she regard the two of them as friend.;(Boli is a girl who lives in the hospital with disorder) We can see that Sussana has a;pattern of unstable and intense interpersonal relationships characterized by altemating;between extremes of idealization and devaluation which defined in the DSM-IV as a;characteristic of the BPD.;Susanna could not control herself from the impulsion of self-damaging like;promiscuity. After she lived in the Claymoore psychiatric hospital, she had sex with a;guest in the room then had sex with a electrician who works in the hospital in the;same day. Another exmaple was that Susanna knows that taking a bottle of Aspirin;may hurt herself, but she still took a bottle of Aspirin to stop her headache. That can;be defined as substance abuse which is also an example in the defination of BPD in;DSM-IV impulsivity in at least two areas that are potentially self-damaging;(e.g.,spending, sex, substance abuse, reckless driving, binge eating).;Sussana also had an affective instability. She showed intense episodic dysphoria;when she was trying to accept the fact of living in a nursing home and she also;showed great anxiety after making friend with Lisa (a girl who has antisocial PD).;This is also a characteristic defined in DSM-IV BPD.;The movie did a great job at expressing the personality disorder like Susannas;BPD. Susannas symptoms matched with at less five of the BPD characteristics so that;she was diagnosed as ahaving borderline personality disorder in the movie by Dr.;Marvin. Although the movie leaves some blank for us to imagine, it still presented a;detailed depiction of the borderline personality disorder through the recovery story of;Susanna.;Reference;Pompili Maurizio & Girardi Paolo & Ruberto Amedeo & Tatarelli Roberto, Suicide;in borderline personality disorder: A meta-analysis, Nordic Journal of Psychiatry;Oct2005, Vol. 59 Issue 5, p319-324. 6;;ZQ%3d%3d#db=aph&AN=18518153;Laporte Lise &Guttman Herta, Recollections of parental bonding among women;with borderline personality disorder as compared with women with anorexia nervosa;and a control group, Australian Journal of Psychology. Dec2007, Vol. 59 Issue 3;p132-139. 8p. 1 Chart.;;bGl2ZQ%3d%3d#db=aph&AN=26951971;Item;Score;1;Demonstrated an understanding of the disorder in;question. (4 points);1;2;Cite specific behaviors the character presented. Discuss;the degree to which these behaviors are consistent with the;diagnosis in question. (3 points);1;3;Citations supporting or refuting specific DSM criteria or;are otherwise related to the diagnosis of the disorder in;question. At least 3 citations! (3 points);1;MUST BE PEER-REVIEWED CITATIONS!!!!!;4;Overall;Overall writing clarity, punctuation, spelling, and proper;formatting are satisfactory with few or no significant;mistakes. (2 points);0.25;3.25


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