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Complete the worksheet at December 31.




This problem continues the Davis Consulting situation from Problem P3-45 of Chapter 3.;P4-39 Completing the accounting cycle from adjusted trial balance to post-closing;trial balance with an optional worksheet;Start from the posted T-accounts and the adjusted trial balance that Davis;Consulting prepared for the company at December 31.;Requirements;1. Complete the worksheet at December 31. (optional);2. Prepare an income statement for the month ended December 31.;3. Prepare a statement of owner?s equity for the month ended December 31.;4. Prepare a classified balance sheet (report form) at December 31.;5. Journalize and post the closing entries at December 31. Denote each closing amount as Clo. and each account balance as Balance.;6. Prepare a post-closing trial balance.;******Please note that the P3-45 File is attached so that the problem can be continued. Template for CP4-39 that needs to be completed is also attached.


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