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Find a crowded area where there are people for at least a half hour (e.g., mall, restaurant, baseball game, or waiting room).




Unit 6 Assignment - Naturalistic Observation Exercise;One of the best ways to learn about observation research is to conduct some. This exercise is not;meant for publication of data and will not be developed into a full study. So, you can fully;participate in this exercise as a true researcher might.;Find a crowded area where there are people for at least a half hour (e.g., mall, restaurant;baseball game, or waiting room). Create a research question that has to do with people's;behaviors in this environment. Create a list of three different behaviors that you might see in this;environment that will help you to answer your research question. Then, use one of the two;templates below to collect data. Submit a copy of the completed template for your Assignment.;Click the links below to download templates or download them from Doc Sharing.;QUALITATIVE TEMPLATE;MIXED METHODS TEMPLATE;TIPS: When conducting naturalistic observation, it is important to blend into the area and to not;interact with anyone at all. Do not become part of the study, but stay outside of it. Define a space;where you will observe actions. When using the time intervals, you look at up every five minutes;and record (quickly) whatever actions you see. Base your written observations on that quick;glance. Do not watch the area for the entire five minutes or you will not notice the changes at the;next scheduled interval. Remember to note actions only. You can write comments about what is;also occurring in the environment at the time to explain why some of the actions might be as they;are.


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