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The question is attached. The textbook can be found at;;Password: econinsf;Reeve, J. (2009). Understanding Motivation and Emotion. (5th ed.). NJ: Wiley & Sons, Inc.;Report # 2;Psychology 2105 Motivation;Must be typed, 3 to 4 pages double-spaced (10 to 12 font only). Choose a topic from Ch.;4, 5, 6, and 7 that is an interest to you and write on the topic giving a background and the;key concepts of the topic. Then you will provide the criticisms, if any, that have been;made against this topic. You will then conclude with your own reflections on the topic.;Answer the following questions;1);2);3);4);What is the topic?;What are the main points of the topic?;What are the criticisms, if any?;Reflection: Some examples to think about are what your understanding of the;topic is, how you can relate it to your work or life today, what new information;have you learned, is it important that we have knowledge of this topic, or do you;agree or disagree with the topic at hand.;Besides the textbook, other materials can be used in writing of this report such as articles;books, or case examples. Please use APA or MLA format for citing within the body of;your paper and reference page.;A few examples topics;1) Extrinsic and intrinsic motivation and how you would apply it (or have observed;it) in your own life, with your children, employees, students, etc. (Ch. 5).;2) Psychological needs and can apply it to your own life or society (Ch. 6);3) Power and leadership (Ch. 7);If you have any questions or confusion about the paper, please contact me via email or;phone.


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