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abnormal psychology: and I need ten of this separate !!!




abnormal psychology: and I need ten of this separate !!!;(1) Select a topic discussed in class (or any psychology topic you feel should be discussed further);(a) with which you disagree;(b) you feel could benefit from clarification or elucidation;(c) or you feel could benefit from additional support;(2) Type around a 1-2 paragraphs (Less is acceptable if you can make your point concisely) outlining the issue and explaining your argument or summarizing some evidence you found. Put this in the EXTRA CREDIT discussion section on blackboard.;(a) explain how the issue was brought up;(b) outline what additional evidence you found and how it might relate or answer any additional questions;(c) OPTIONAL - if you can, relate it to other theories in psychology or any other diseases, disorders and syndromes;(3) Provide a credible source to support your argument.;(a) typically websites that end are going to be better than other sites.;(b) if you want to argue the credibility of your source, you may.;(c) the major factor determining whether you will get credit or not will be if your source seems credible.;For any posts (looking for credit) that come after the initial post, you must provide a different source and site how that source adds to the conversation in some meaningful way. It can agree or disagree, so long as it contributes to the greater discussion.;The grading policy states that Exams will be worth 22 points each. If each exam has 44 questions on it, each question is worth 0.5 points. Each time you submit an approved extra credit assignment on blackboard-discussion, you will receive a 0.5 points and can earn up to 5 points for the semester.;I do not have any preference for when you submit extra credit. The final day to submit discussion topics for extra credit will the date of the final exam.;range;Anxiety Disorders;Obsessive Compuslive Related Disorders;Bipolar Related Disorders;Depressive Disorders;Somatic Symptom Disorders;Feeding and Eating disorders;Trauma- and Stressor-Related disorders;Dissociative Disorders;Schizophrenia Spectrum & Psychotic Disorders


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