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Essay #3;Your friend Carlos, who is determined to quit smoking, purchased a subliminal persuasion;audio-/videotape package. The booklet accompanying the tapes claims that subliminal;suggestions harness the power of the unconscious mind to increase motivation to quit smoking.;Carlos is somewhat skeptical, but he decides to try the demonstration included on the videotape.;He follows the instructions to turn off the room lights, start the videotape, and stare at a fixation;point (i.e., a plus sign that appears in the center of the television screen) until the screen goes;blank. During the demonstration, which lasts about five minutes, Carlos occasionally notices a;flash of light on the screen just above the fixation point.;Shortly after the screen goes blank, several geometric figures (including a square, a circle, a;triangle, and a rectangle) appear above the question, Which of these figures is most pleasing to;you? Although he is not sure why, Carlos picks the triangle. The tape ends with the following;message;If you picked the triangle, subliminal persuasion will work for you!;During the demonstration, what appeared to be flashes of light were actually subliminal;presentations of triangles. The triangles, which appeared too briefly to be perceived by your;conscious mind, were perceived by your unconscious mind. Since familiarity breeds fondness;your unconscious mind persuaded you to profess a preference for the triangle. Similarly, the;subliminal suggestions on the audiotape will help your unconscious mind persuade you that;smoking is unhealthy, unflattering, and something you definitely do not want to continue doing.;Discussion and Critique - DEADLINE: Sunday, December 1, 2013 at 11:59 PM;Note: As always, when considering the questions below, it would be better (i.e., worth more;points) if your answers are more informative than a mere yes or no, or a few sentences.;Keep in mind that each essay is worth 5% of your course grade. In other words, a response;limited to just a couple of sentences is very unlikely to earn credit. So think very carefully;about the question thats being asked, determine what information is needed to construct a;good answer to that question, and then compose your answer in essay form.;First, consider the assertions made in the subliminal persuasion videotape;- Can you state these assertions in your own words (and in more specific terms)?;- Were all the important concepts and terms in the assertions adequately defined?;- Were the important concepts and terms defined operationally?;- Should the important terms, variables, etc., have been defined differently? If so, then how?;Essay #3;Second, consider the evidence provided in support of the assertions;- State (precisely) what the evidence was and whether it was empirical evidence;(i.e., based on objective observation of data).;- Discuss whether the evidence was based on valid scientific research.;- Discuss whether the evidence, in fact, supported the assertions.;Next, evaluate the proposed theoretical explanation provided at the end of the videotape;- Does the explanation make sense (i.e., based on the evidence)?;- Are there any alternative explanations that could adequately explain the data?;- Please state your alternative explanation(s) and state why the evidence provided in the;videotape failed to rule them out.;- Explain how well your alternative explanation would be supported by the evidence provided;by the demonstration on the videotape (i.e., why you believe the data would support your;alternative explanation)..;- Finally, can you think of an experiment that would properly test your alternative explanation;against the one proposed on the videotape?


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