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hello I need some assistance with my assignment. thanks.;LP5 Assignment: Article Review;Directions;Search the online library and find an academic or scholarly article about one of the concepts covered in this learning plan. Here is a list of possible topics;?Memory;?Recall;?Schemas;?Forgetting;?Thinking;?Heuristic;?Language;?Reasoning;After you have chosen an article, write a 2 ? 3 page article review. The first part of your article review will include an introduction in which you explain why you chose this specific article. Then you will summarize the article in 1 ? 2 paragraphs. Finally, you will provide an analysis of your article. Your analysis will explain why the topic is important, why it matters. You may want to describe to the reader why this topic is researched/published. What implications could be made about the information in your article? Make a case for real-world applications of the topic. Tell your reader why he/she should care about what you?ve written;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 1;Max Pages: 2;Level of Detail: Show all work;Other Requirements: please follow e step by step questions. thanks


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