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GUIDELINES Individual Presentation Topic ?Choose a multinational company ?Describe it and its operations (analytical and financial) ?Explain how it was affected by the European crisis ?Explain the steps that it took to adapt to this changing environment ?Show possible next steps ?Recommend an action plan Internal analysis External analysis 3 Alternatives with the Pros and Cons Recomendations ( from the chosen alternative) Implementation for the short term ,and long term with all details and costs for everything Everything must be done on power point slides,(it's not a presentation or a paper ) and references should be put at the end. 25 slides An european company is prefered .Graphs and Pie charts must be used.,Hi I was wondering if you could work on Volkswagen or H&M ,(OPTIONAL )?i would not mind if you have a better Idea :) THANKS Rachel,Hi Rachel I got an extension from my teacher for tomorow night at 23h.You forgot to include the following which are the most important. -3 alternatives ( meaning what the company could do to solve its problems) with their pros and cons for every alternative.Choose one alternative that would solve the main problems of the company. - the recomendation based on the main problems of the company (weaknesses ,treaths....opportunities etc) Implementation (of the choosen alternative) For example --> expand to china,why china ? how much it would cost?___>outsource the production is it going to solve the problem etc produce more fuel efficient cars, electric cars ---> why ,meaning how beneficial is it to the company to do that? and much it will cost( cost can be an approximation or an estimate ,but should make sense ) The implementation should explain all what we are going to do in the short run and in the long run TO SOLVE THE POTENTIAL problems and issues that the company faces now, and how much its going to cost and how is it going to be beneficial to the company if its done. I have attached a previous presentation PLEASE COPY EXACTLY THESE MODEL for the ALTERNATIVES WITH PROS AND CONS RECOMENDATIONS IMPLEMENTATION Sorry for the inconvinience ,and thank you.,HI Rachel Did you receive the power point slides I attached in the previous message?Please let me know Thank you,Hi Rachel In case you did not received them ,I included it in these message,please follow the same format for the alternatives ,recomendation and implementation . I added another example of a PPT that clearly explains,key issues and potential solutions for WV but they are for 2006. Thank you Rachel,Enter your follow up question here...


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