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Please help with the attached files. Let me know how much it will cost. Thanks!;Attachments Preview;PSY201_r4_Week_Nine_Social_Psychology_Paper_Grading_Guide.doc Download Attachment;Grading Guide: Social Psychology Paper;PSY/201 Version 4;Grading Guide;Social Psychology Paper;This assignment is due in Week Nine.;Content;60 Percent;Points Earned;X/5;Lists the factors that... Show more;PSY201_r4_Week_Nine_Social_Psychology_Paper_Scenario.doc Download Attachment;Social Psychology Paper Scenario;PSY/201 Version 4;University of Phoenix Material;Social Psychology Paper Scenario;Sarah;Sarah is a 15-year-old Caucasian girl who just started her sophomore year... Show more;Additional Requirements;Other Requirements: Must be in APA format. It is an essay, 750-1200 words.


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