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Argument in favor of an issue alters participants




Foofy studies if hearing an argument in favor of an issue alters participants’ attitudes;toward the issue one way or the other. She presents a 30-second argument;to 8 people. In a national survey about this issue, _ ?= 50. She obtains X = 53.25;and s2 X = 569.86. (a) What are H0 and Ha? (b) What is tobt? (c) With ? =.05, what;is tcrit? (d) If appropriate, compute the confidence interval for ? (e) What conclusions;should Foofy draw about the relationship?;14. In question 13, (a) What statistical principle should Foofy be concerned with?;(b) Identify three problems with her study from a statistical perspective. (c) Why;would correcting these problems improve her study?;Additional Requirements;Level of Detail: Show all work


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