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prepare a research memo for auditing class




I need to prepare a research memo for my auditing class please help I have no idea how to make one on the bottom are the instructions;The Assignment;For each memo you will select a standard from the appropriate list and explain how it will affect your;client?s audit. Here is how you do this;1. Select a public company that you will be auditing. This should be a public company that will;have financial statements available. Select a company you are interested in learning about for;the semester.;2. Research your company sufficiently to understand its business model, products, customers;vendors and management/directors. Read the most recent financial statements to gain an;understanding of the types of assets and liabilities on the balance sheet. Use the statements to;be familiar with the sources of revenues and typical operating expenses. The 10-K will have this;information. Use EDGAR to find the SEC filings at and/or the company's own web;site under investor information.;3. Write a memo for each of the topics listed above and email it to me by class time on the due;date.;4. The memo should be addressed to the Audit Committee Chair, the members of the audit;committee, and the CFO. You will need to use their names, so research who they are. You may;use the DEF 14 A (proxy statement) from EDGAR or the company's web site to find this;information. The memo is from you, as the Audit Partner.;5. For each memo choose a professional standard topic to research from the list given for each;assignment above. For example: for Memo 1, you might research the topic of Audit Evidence.;This means you will research AU 500 and AS 15. The topic is your choice, the only requirement is;that it come from the list.6. Research the appropriate standards at and Read them and;refer to the chapter material and any other resource to help you research and understand the;requirements of the standard.;7. Write up the memo as a way of explaining to your client how the standard will be followed on;the upcoming audit. For example, if you are auditing Walmart and you have selected the topic;of External Confirmations (Standards AU 505 and PCAOB AU 330) you might write a memo that;references the many accounts that must be confirmed because each store has one. Explain the;document you will use for this and how the mailing will comply with the standard. If you chose;the same standard for a company like Caterpillar, you would probably do less confirmation and;can discuss similar details but referencing fewer accounts.;8. The memo should be one page. Do not include the verbiage of the standard in the memo.;Reference the standard by number. The memo should be the explanation of the pertinent;standard.;9. The memo will be graded for grammar, syntax, spelling, clarity, completeness, and all other;writing skills detailed on the rubric. Remember, a memo may be all a client ever sees of you. IF;you don?t write it well, they will not trust your accounting skills. You may be the world's best;accountant, but, if you can't communicate about accounting that won't matter.


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