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Disorders specific to childhood appear




Most of the behavior disorders specific to childhood appear to;respond to insight oriented therapy;grow out of pathogenic family interactions;be organic in nature;be persistent through adulthood;A learning disorder is defined as;substandard IQ score in comparison to the individual's family and educational background;the existence of a neurological deficit that interferes with the individual's ability to assimilate new information;achievement in any academic subject below the level predicted by the individual's age, IQ and education;achievement in reading, writing or math below the level predicted by the individual's age, IQ and education;All of the following are likely signs of a learning disorder except;inability to comprehend what has been read;difficulty with reading and word recognition;standardized math scores that are well below the level predicted by the child's IQ and education;poor grades in a foreign language despite straight As in all other subjects;Oppositional defiant disorder;often precedes the development of conduct disorder;is a diagnosis that often follows conduct disorder when a child continues his or her problem behavior in adolescence;is unlike conduct disorder in that its risk factors differ significantly;will almost always turn into conduct disorder within a year;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 1;Level of Detail: Only answer needed


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