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I want someone to answer these questions.,Thank you, May you add some details in QUESTION 3. Thanks,,Thank you,,I have a little finance project. Would you like to help me on it?,Sorry for that, I have a friend solve Q.6 as: 6. Estimate the free cash flow for MEDCO for 2009 and 2010. How would accelerated growth affect MEDCO?s free cash flow? (10 points) Answer: Free Cash Flow to MEDCO (FCFF)= Net Income+ Depreciation+ Interest (1-Tax Rate)- Net Investment- Net Change in Working Capital FCFF in 2009= 1107+109+38 (1-0.32)-83-(74)=$ 1084.84 FCFF in 2010= 1273+ 36+ 145(1-0.26)-(-114)-(121)= $1409.3 Accelerated growth rate would result into increasing cash flow for MEDCO. The net income for the company would increase which will result into more cash flow. Additionally increased usage of fixed asset would mean more of depreciation which needs to be added back to get cash flow. it's totally different. please, what is the best answer? Thank you,,How and where can I submit the project description?,I have posted the new assignment. Thank you,,Hi, Do you agree with the Q.6 posted above. plz, let me know. thank you,


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