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I am having trouble with calculating a WACC for on...




I am having trouble with calculating a WACC for one of my projects. The details are in my attachment under the Capital Structure section. The instructor gave us the answer for the WACC as 11.2. I would also like a sanity check on my NPV that I calculated to ensure that my solution is correct. The calculations can be seen when you click on the number under the Italic NPV. Assignment is due tomorrow.,Thank you. We normally get the actual numbers and then have to calculate the cost and the weighted cost. I made it harder than it was. What about the NPV (Net Present Value) did I calculate it correctly?,Thank you. In our previous weeks of study we used many Excel formulas to calculate the rates and NPV. If I understand your answer, I had the net present value in my cash flow statement and did not need to use the PV formula for calculating anything. I was so set on using the formulas that we used in the past weeks that I did not consider simplicity (additionally the instructor insisted we use the Excel formulas). Thanks again for your assistance.


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