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Global Business Experience Assignment




Remember, this assignment is based on Global Business Experience. This means that;your 8 questions should be geared towards the companys international business;experience, and should be open-ended in order to give you the opportunity to expand on;their answer, if necessary. Again, here are a few suggestions for questions;1. What financial or economic impact has your business encountered doing business globally?;2. What specific business strategies has your business incorporated for international business?;3. What internal/external factors have impacted your global business?;4. Do you use social media to market your business globally? If not, what types of marketing techniques does your business use to market globally?;5. What are some of the risks and opportunities your company has faced in doing business globally?;6. How has the culture in ______impacted your business, positively or negatively?;7. If your company does import/export, what are some of the custom issues you have to;deal with? How has this impacted your business?;8. Has the difference in currency played a factor in your global business? If so, how?;9. How has technology impacted your global business? Specifically, what types of;technology do you use in your business with global customers?;In this assignment, you will write a 2-3 page, detailed report based on your interview with;your selected businessperson about his/her international business experiences, the;opportunities and risks in global business, and his/her opinions on the impact of;technology on global business. Your report should include the following;Title page: Add a title page with your name, date, and assignment title.;Introduction: Write an introductory paragraph providing background information;about your interviewee, his/her company, job description, and other pertinent;information.;Transcript: Write a transcript of your interview. Include your 8 point questionnaire;and interviewees responses.;Summary: Summarize your interview, in 2-3 pages and include the information;you have learned regarding international business. Comment on the;opportunities and risks in global business, and the impact of technology on global;business. Give reasons and examples in support of your statements. Your;summary should include the information you learned from your interview, your;readings, prior discussions and assignments, and your individual research.


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