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BUSN - International Textile Company Assignment




Make sure you address a few selected issues that were highlighted during the presentations. Usually;these would fall into the following categories;1. Applying a scenario analysis/ what-if analysis to one of the models presented to show the;outcomes of a significant change in network structure or network assumptions;2. Discussing in detail, one or two suggested qualitative recommendations and substantiating these;with good references/data from google searches or other sources (nmake sure these;recommendations are linked with model features or shortcomings you discussed in your presentation;3. Discuss in detail, what the prose and cons (the trade-offs) would be, if you implemented one of your;suggestions.;Remember, you are trying to help Lao and his business make short term and/or strategic decisions.;So concentrate your recommendations on the key messages that would be really importantto him;and provide any supporting materials in the apendix.


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