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Method commonly used to study lateralization of function in normal people




Question 1 of 10;0.1 Points;The following is NOT a method commonly used to study lateralization of function in normal people;A.tachistoscopic presentation of information to only one part of visual field;B.WADA test;C.dichotic listening tasks;D.single-cell recordings Reset Selection;Question 2 of 10;0.1 Points;Diaschisis involves;A.recovery of functions proximally located to the area of insult after temporary disruption;B.recovery of functions proximally located to the area of insult with prosthetic devices.;C.recovery of functions distally located to the area of insult after temporary neuronal disruption.;D.recovery of function with extensive therapy Reset Selection;Question 3 of 10;0.1 Points;The Wada technique involves;A.injection of oxygenated air for visualization of the ventricles;B.scalp recording of alpha, beta, and theta waves;C.the injection of a barbiturate to anesthesize one hemisphere;D.the injection of an iodine agent to visualize the activity of one hemisphere Reset Selection;Question 4 of 10;0.1 Points;Constraint induced movement therapy;A.involves constraining the unaffected limbs from useful movement;B.involves the idea is that the affected limb will be utilized more than it would normally be; used in stroke survivors and children with cerebral palsy;D.all the above are true Reset Selection;Question 5 of 10;0.1 Points;of right-handers appear to have left-hemisphere dominance for language, _____________ of left-handers have this organization.;A.95%, 70%;B.95%, 5%;C.80%, 80%;D.100%, 50% Reset Selection;Question 6 of 10;0.1 Points;Which of the following neuroanatomical asymmetries does not favour the left hemisphere?;A.larger inferior parietal lobule;B.doubling of Heschl's gyrus;C.larger planum temporale;D.less steep Sylvian fissure Reset Selection;Question 7 of 10;0.1 Points;Whereas females are (on average) better at _____ and ____, men are better at _____ and ______.;A.mathematical reasoning, verbal fluency, mental rotation, visual recognition memory;B.spatial memory, arithmetical computation, mental rotation, mathematical reasoning;C.mental rotation, visual recognition memory, mathematical reasoning, geometry;D.spatial memory, mathematical reasoning, mental rotation, arithmetical computation Reset Selection;Question 8 of 10;0.1 Points;Which one of the following is the largest path of communication between the right and left hemisphere?;A.anterior commissure;B.hippocampal commissure;C.corpus callosum;D.habenular commissure Reset Selection;Question 9 of 10;0.1 Points;Which of the following is NOT a variable that affects recovery?;A.Intelligence;B.Socioeconomic status;C.Personality;D.Gender & handedness Reset Selection;Question 10 of 10;0.1 Points;Which of the following behaviors is least likely that of a person with a frontal lobe lesion?;A.Purposely ramming the car in front of you while in a traffic jam;B.Waiting patiently for turn in a long line;C.Sexually propositioning an attractive stranger;D.Spending their life savings on a risky stock buy Reset Selection;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 1;Level of Detail: Only answer needed


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