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Cerebral palsy" primarily refers to _______ disorders




Question 1 of 10;0.1 Points;Cerebral palsy" primarily refers to _______ disorders.;;B.motor;C.executive function;D.genetic Reset Selection;Question 2 of 10;0.1 Points;The muscle tone of children with cerebral palsy is _____, and the muscle tone of children with Down's syndrome is ____.;A.low, high;B.low, low;C.high, high;D.high, low Reset Selection;Question 3 of 10;0.1 Points;Which of the following findings in children with autism is less likely related to their deficiencies in social interaction?;A.Thinner mirror neuron areas;B.Little FFA activation when looking at faces;C.Different looking patterns when looking at faces from typically developing children;D.Increased activation in the caudate nucleus Reset Selection;Question 4 of 10;0.1 Points;Conduction aphasia;A.can result from damage to the arcuate fasciculus;B.leads to impaired repetition;C.often leads to impaired reading and writing;D.all of the above Reset Selection;Question 5 of 10;0.1 Points;The inability to produce grammatically correct sentences due to brain lesion is known as ________.;A.agrammatoxia;B.articulatory alexia;C.agrammatism;D.grammatical agraphia Reset Selection;Question 6 of 10;0.1 Points;A patient with symptoms including the inability to understand language when spoken to, an inability to repeat aloud a word they are told, and the ability to only form words that are nonsense is likely suffering from;A.word blindness;B.Wernicke's aphasia;C.Broca's aphasia; aphasia Reset Selection;Question 7 of 10;0.1 Points;In transcortical motor aphasia fluency is _____ and comprehension of speech _____, in transcortical sensory aphasia fluency is ______ and comprehension of speech is ______.;A.impaired, normal, impaired, normal;B.normal, normal, impaired, impaired;C.impaired, impaired, normal, normal;D.impaired, normal, normal, impaired Reset Selection;Question 8 of 10;0.1 Points;Diagnostic criteria for dementia include;A.loss of intellectual functioning and memory impairment;B.change from premorbid functioning;C.loss of intellectual functioning and multiple areas of cognitive impairment;D.memory and language impairment with intellectual deterioration Reset Selection;Question 9 of 10;0.1 Points;Neurofibrillary tangles have all of the following qualities except;A.resemble twisted pairs of rope;B.made of tau proteins;C.present in normal aging;D.contain beta-amyloid Reset Selection;Question 10 of 10;0.1 Points;Changes in brain anatomy associated with normal aging include;A.cortical atrophy;B.demyelination in the temporal cortex;C.increased intracranial pressure;D.decreased cerebrospinal fluid production Reset Selection;Additional Requirements;Level of Detail: Only answer needed


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