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A developmental psychopathology perspective on adolescence"




Attached is an article entitled "A developmental psychopathology perspective on adolescence", I need help understanding these key point from the article please.;1.What are the main principles that define the field of developmental psychopathology?;Describe/define the following;Developmental trajectories/pathways;Distal vs. proximal causes;Integration/organization of systems;Prodromal functioning;Risk and protective factors;Resilience;Hierarchical development;Developmental divergence - continuity and discontinuity;Probabilistic epigenesis;Developmental plasticity;Prototypical organizations of systems;Turning points;Pathology as a distortion of normal functioning;Multifinality and equifinality;Homotypic vs. heterotypic continuity;Developmental uniformity myth;Available niches;Competence;Attachment Preview;Research on adolescence has burgeoned over the course of the past several decades.docx Download Attachment;Research on adolescence has burgeoned over the course of the past several decades. Testimony;to the growing interest in the period of adolescence is provided through an examination of the;table of... Show more;Additional Requirements;Other Requirements: This is too serve as a study guide


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