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Business Statistics Unit 3 Discussion




Business Statistics;1. Explain which of the three measures of central tendency (mean, median, mode) are;appropriate to use for each of the two cases below. Do not work out the problem. Only express;your answer and explain why you chose the answer.;a. Prices of laptops: $600, $1300, $2000, $3500;b. Candies;Hershey's Bar?: 50 cents;M and M's?, Payday?, Twix?: 50 cents;Reese's Pieces?: 50 cents;Nestle Crunch Bar?: 60 cents;2. Search the internet to find two graphs to critique: one you evaluate to be a good graphical;representation of the information presented and the other to be a poor graphical representation of;the information presented.;Answer the following questions about your selected graphs.;1. What types of graphs are used to display the information?;2. Briefly describe the purposes of the graphs.;3. Do the titles and notes explain the data satisfactorily? Explain why or why not.;4.What additional information would have been helpful?;5. What suggestions would you make for a better presentation of this data?;6. What questions would you ask the researcher about how the data were collected?


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