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Adjustments needed to convert net income to a cash basis:




EATON COMPANY;Statement of Cash Flows;For the Year Ended December 31, 2008;Operating activities;Net income;Adjustments needed to convert net income to a cash basis;Net cash provided by operating activities;Investing activities;Net cash used for investing activities;Financing activities;Net cash used for financing activities;Net decrease in cash;Cash balance, January 1, 2008;Cash balance, December 31, 2008;EATON COMPANY;Worksheet;Cash;Source Flow Adjust- Adjusted Classi-;Change or Use? Effect ments Effect fication;Assets (except cash and cash equivalents);Current assets;Noncurrent assets;Liabilities, Contra-assets, and Stockholders' Equity;Contra-assets;Current liabilities;Noncurrent liabilities;Stockholders' equity;Retained earnings;Additional entries;Total;Attachment Preview;Chapter15-10.xls Download Attachment;Student Name


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