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Hello! Looking at the exhibits I've attached, c...




Hello! Looking at the exhibits I've attached, can you please answer this question? The instructor states to devote a paragraph to each... Thank you in advance! 1) How much importance should be given to the energy cost situation? a. What are the project?s cash flows for the next twenty years? What assumptions did you use? b. What is the company?s cost of capital? What is the appropriate discount factor (which may be different) for you to use in evaluating the bus project?,Here are the exhibits to answer the question...,And this is what I've done so far incase you need to also look at this. TTs061111-shal-3--1-,I'm sorry Rachel, I gave you the wrong attachments to look at. It should only be one attachments which already include my answers titled "ROAD_KING_TRUCKS_FINAL" Can you please answer 1., a, & b based off of my spreadsheet? Thank you in advance!


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