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Human society has some form of religion




{1} Marx called ?the opium of the people but every known human society has some form of religion. (a) How does religion aid in the process of socialization, and how would the absence of religion make a difference in the society? (b) Conversely, what would happen if Jesus? original teachings were taken seriously in the present-day America? (If you prefer, you can substitute another major religious figure for Jesus) (c) Next, what is the difference between religion and spirituality? (d) Finally, give examples from your own life in which religion or the lack of religion make a difference to you and analyze why it did.;{2} According to a number of authorities, there is a difference between prejudice and racism. How is institutional racism different form prejudice? (b) In what sense may white people be said to benefit from white privilege or conferred dominance? Explain. (c) Should a policy of affirmative action for women and racial minorities be instituted? Why or why not? (d) what is the relation between economic inequality and racism, or in other words, how does capitalism affect the issue of race? Finally, what Marx be likely say on this topic.;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 4;Other Requirements: 2 questions, 4 pages each question, pls let me know if the price is alright before you start writing.


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