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Kaplan GB560 unit 3 discussion




Week3;Topic 1;Process design and implementation is outcome driven. To achieve desired outcomes, successful process design results from an understanding of the task(s), which will complete or support the task(s), as well as any restrictions (legal, physical, or other) to the process design. But successful design implementation depends on the use of metrics to manage and measure the process(es). With this in mind address the following questions;1. Select one task that you are currently or were previously responsible for performing. Isolate the type of metric measurement used to evaluate the task process to determine if the process was being followed correctly.;2. Address how frequently the process was evaluated and whether the feedback provided contributed toward or detracts from successful outcome(s) for that process. If no performance measurement is used, identify a set of measurements to evaluate the task and discuss how and why that measurement would ensure successful task completion.


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