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Please answer the written questions in an attached...




Please answer the written questions in an attached WORD document (not directly in Vista). The questions are provided to help with your discussion, please answer the questions with supporting rational. The ratios can be calculated in excel and attached as an appendix or copied into the word document. 1. Provide an overview of the business strategy of Manufactured Homes, Inc. 2. What operating conditions were they facing in 1986 and 1987? What are the major uncertainties with respect to the future? 3. Identify the accounting policies of Manufactured Homes, Inc. which have the most significant impact on the company?s financial statements. Consider/discuss: a. What are the key assumptions underlying these policies? b. Do you think that these assumptions are justified? c. What is your overall assessment of Manufactured Homes? earnings quality? 4. Evaluate the company`s performance during 1986 and the first 9 months of 1987, by comparing to trends from prior years. a. Using at a minimum ROE and 1 ratio from each of income statement ratios, asset turnover, working capital management, liquidity, debt and coverage and profitability. b. Discuss what would happen to those ratios if changes were made to the key accounting policies identified in question 3. c. What is making this company show a profit? d. Identify significant changes in balances from year to year on the balance sheet. e. Identify significant changes as a % of sales on the income statement from year to year. 5. Given the company`s business strategy, accounting policies and recent performance, what are the potential risks for an investor in the company`s stock? Should Jane Edwards recommend the addition of the stock to her firm?s growth stock fund? Be sure to explain/discuss your opinion.,I forgot to mention that these questions are based on the cased: "Manufactured Homes Inc." by Palepu textbook. If you need the case to read, I can scan it send it to you. The reading is very short.,Case page 2,Case page3,Case page4,Case page5,Case page6,Case page7,Case page8,Case page8,Case page9,Case page10,Case page11,Case page12,case page13,Case page14,Case page15,Case page16,case page17,case page18,page19,case page20,case page21,pg22,pg23,pg24,******* And also, please don't forget to view the very first original file I've sent you. (Not the case reading i just sent, but the one in Excel with consolidated data: Income statement, balance sheet etc.) This is due Friday by 10:00 AM.,When do I get to hear the confirmation response from you? I'm still waiting for you to confirm it.,Has my assignment being accepted????? I need an answer ASAP.,Hello..?? Why is it taking so long to reply for confirmation? Yes or No?,HELLO?? When do i get the confirmation email? this is way too slow!!!!


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