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Deutsche Brauerei Case Study Questions 1. What a...




Deutsche Brauerei Case Study Questions 1. What accounts for the rapid growth in recent years? Specifically, what policy choices account for the success? Is the growth sustainable? 2. What does the breakeven analysis tell us? What are its limitations? 3. Why does a profitable firm need increasing amounts of bank debt? How sensitivity are the forecasts to input assumptions? 4. What is the credit policy toward the distributors in the Ukraine? Why is it different from the credit policy for other distributors? Is the policy appropriate? Is it profitable? What arguments would you offer in its defense? 5. As a member of the board of directors, how would you vote on: a. the proposed raise for Oleg Pinchuk? b. the quarterly dividend declaration of ?698,000? c. adoption of the financial plan for 2001. 5. what do the financial forecast and the sources and uses of funds statements tell us? How about the financial rations? 6. Why does this profitable firm need to borrow? 7. What do you conclude from case Exhibit 7 about Deutsche's distributors in Ukraine?


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