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Strayer Bus315 week 3 discussions




Week 3/ Question 1;Price Analysis" Please respond to the following;?Examine at least two purposes that price analysis serves to a company like VectorCal and to its product line. Support your answer with two (2) examples of companies that used price analysis to better serve their organizations.;?Imagine you are a CEO of a large company. Provide two examples of the manner in which you would incorporate a price analysis in your company. Predict the important ways in which your use of price analysis would lead to financial success for the whole company.;Question/2;Best Use of Price Analysis" Please respond to the following;?Examine all of the methods for performing a price analysis that VectorCal can use when creating its own price analysis, and then specify two to three (2-3) price analysis methods that would best serve VectorCal?s needs. Explain your rationale.;?From the e-Activity, speculate on key areas where most companies fall short when conducting price analyses. Suggest two (2) methods that a company CEO should use in order to reduce price analysis inconsistencies. Support your suggestion with real-world examples.


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