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Question 1;An organization that has increased the number of different tasks that a worker performs within one particular job has engaged in ____.;a.;job specialization;b.;job rotation;c.;job enlargement;d.;employee specialization;e.;task aggregation;Question 2;A(n) ____ organization is an organization characterized by broadly defined jobs and responsibilities, loosely defined, frequently changing roles, and decentralized authority and horizontal communication based on task knowledge.;a.;organic;b.;departmentalized;c.;modular;d.;centralized;e.;mechanistic;Question 3;Hallmark has four departments. These departments are (1) Flowers and Gifts, (2) Cards and E-cards, (3) Hallmark Collectibles, and (4) Photo Albums and Scrapbooks. Hallmark uses ____ departmentalization.;a.;geographic;b.;customer;c.;product;d.;matrix;e.;functional;Question 4;When managers delegate work, three transfers occur. The three transfers are responsibility, authority, and ____.;a.;empathy;b.;synergy;c.;reciprocity;d.;accountability;e.;utility;Question 5;Procter & Gamble has divisions for personal and beauty, house and home, health and wellness, baby and family, and pet nutrition and care. These divisions indicate that the company uses ____ departmentalization.;a.;strategic business unit (SBU);b.;geographic;c.;functional;d.;product;e.;Customer;Question 6;With ____ departmentalization, most employees report to two bosses.;a.;geographic;b.;customer;c.;matrix;d.;product;e.;functional;Question 7;is characterized by simple, easy-to-learn steps, low variety, and high repetition.;a.;Standardization;b.;Task homogeneity;c.;Job consistency;d.;Job specialization;e.;Task reengineering;Question 8;Which of the following statements about functional departmentalization is true?;a.;Functional departmentalization is also called free-form specialization.;b.;Functional departmentalization requires the same kinds of functional departments in any company.;c.;Functional departmentalization allows work to be done by highly qualified specialists.;d.;Functional departmentalization increases costs by reducing duplication.;e.;Functional departmentalization complicates communication and coordination for departmental managers.;Question 9;Organizational authority is traditionally characterized by ____.;a.;chain of command;b.;empowerment;c.;behavioral informality;d.;reengineering;e.;all of these;Question 10;Kimberly-Clark is subdivided into organizational units called Kimberly-Clark Health Care, which provides products to hospitals, Kimberly-Clark Professional, which sells to businesses, and Kimberly-Clark Consumer, which sells the company?s products to customers. From this information, you know that Kimberly-Clark uses ____.;a.;hierarchical functionalization;b.;a product layout;c.;a nonlinear organizational structure;d.;product formatting;e.;departmentalization


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