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Hi, currently struggling in finding a site that pr...




Hi, currently struggling in finding a site that provides me with software industry ratios in a same table to compare them including SAP the company I have selected for this project. Any site that is free and can provide me with this information? I am currently interested in comparing the five main ratios: Liquidity ratios, Asset Management Ratios, Debt Management Ratios, Profitability Ratios and Market Value Ratios. Also, I have issues in calculating main ratios for SAP based on the 2011 financial statements published within SEC website which does not gives you detail about for example EBIT, interest, common equity, and so the calculation of some ratios is not possible. At least that is what I think now. Any advice will be appreciated.,Here what i have so far for the project so you can see the part of the industries comparative table required and the one for SAP which i started calculating in a spreadsheet but several ratios i cannot calculate.


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