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Calculating Ratios:




I need this back ASAP. Please use the attached documents as graphs could not be shown here.;Calculating Ratios;Below are several financial statement items for two grocery chains, Whole Foods Market, an upscale organic grocer, and The Kroger Co. a mainstream grocer. ($ millions);a. Calculate each company?s return on assets (ROA) and return on equity (ROE). Comment on any differences you observe.;b. Disaggregate the ROA for each company into profit margin (PM) and asset turnover (AT). Explain why Whole Foods has a higher ROA, is it because of PM or AT or both?;c. Place Kroger and Whole Foods on the graph below. Discuss how they both compare to other industries and its own industry average (efficient line). Please give one recommendation each on how Kroger and Whole Foods could improve their position.;Whole Foods Market The Kroger Co.;Net income $ 246 $ 1,133;Sales 9,006 82,189;Average assets 3,885 23,316;Average stockholders? equity 2,001 5,112;a);Ratio Whole Foods Kroger;ROE;ROA;0.063 0.049;Observation;of difference in ROA and ROE;b);Ratio Whole Foods Kroger;AT;PM;Observation;of drivers of ROA;Interpretation Whole Foods Kroger;Across Industry comparison;Efficient line (its own industry);Recommendation


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