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Describe six patterns of working that have been studied in different countries




1.Describe six patterns of working that have been studied in different countries. Use examples and describe fully.;2.What are five emerging issues in jobs and the design of work? Describe fully using examples from your work and study.;3.Identify four forces that are reshaping organizations today. Use examples from your personal experiences and study.;4. Do the size, technology, and mission of your organization directly affect you? How? Use personal examples from your experience and study.;**********************************************;What do you think? Can you please give me in positive way like I do agree....;According to 4 last question;1.There are six different meanings of work. People is different cultures view work differently.;Pattern A - people define work as an activity in which value comes from performance and for which a person is accountable.;Pattern B - people define work as an activity that provides a person with positive personal affect and identity.;Pattern C - people define work as an activity from which profit accrued to others by its performance, and that may be done in various settings other than a working place.;Pattern D- people define work as primarily a physical activity a person must do that is directed by others and generally performed in a work place.;Pattern E - people define work as a physically and mentally strenuous activity.;Pattern F - people define work as an activity constrained to specific time periods that does not bring positive affect through its performance.;2.The five emerging issues in jobs and the design of work are;- Telecommuting is when employees work at home or in other locations geographically separate from their companies main location. While this is a flexible solution it can also make an employee feel socially isolated.;- Alternative work patterns allow for such things as job sharing, four day work week, and flex time. These allow employees to balance work and personal time. At my place of employment my boss let's me flex my time. If I have an appointment on a Tuesday I can take off but then make my hours up during the week. This is a huge benefit for me to be able to work around my life.;- Technology at work makes it do easy to work anywhere but also can be overwhelming. We need to learn to take breaks and turn our technology on silent. I am getting better at it but when I am on lunch I turn my phone on silent so I do not hear my work piling up.;- Task revision Is the modification of incorrectly specified roles or jobs.;- Skill development is the growing number of technically skilled people in a world that has a majority of service jobs which need people skills.;3.Life Cycles in Organizations: As a firm operates and grows there are natural changes that take place such as growth and expansion. As these changes naturally take place within a business the result is reshaping the organization to better accommodate changes that have taken place;Globalization: Companies are becoming globalized?expanding their operations to other countries. This causes organizations to reshape their structuring because they have added foreign operations and managing that is different than domestic operations. Additional staffing and/or departments is necessary in controlling foreign operations.;Information Processing Technologies: As technology progresses it changes the way in which a company gathers, processes and uses their data. When technological advances change the way in which information is collected or used it may also change the way in which a firm is organized, positions may become obsolete.;Demands on Organizational Processes: Conflicting demands between efficiency and customization. As companies make changes there are varying demands that create new challenges for management. As demands change/increase managers must quickly adapt and navigate through new obstacles in order to accomplish their goals.;4.Since I work for a smaller company with a growing global presence, the size, technology, and mission of the company DEFINITELY directly affect me. The accounting department is only seven people out of 250 for the entire company. I am the ONLY tax person. I handle anything and everything pertaining to tax without any support staff. Each accounting staff person has their own individual responsibilities, so we really function independently. Because it is a smaller company, we have multiple forms of software that we need to be utilizing as opposed to a singular platform. Because the company empowers their workers and several other core values, I am able to learn so much and be challenged to any degree I would like to take on. The company is growing by leaps and bounds, so all of this will only be increased exponentially over the years if I choose to stay with the company. I do not have to be pigeon-holed, micro-managed, criticized unnecessarily, or suffer undue stress or harassment. I clearly love my job.


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