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Assignment 1 Instructions;Read the Scenario listed below and perform the following tasks;(1) Generate a Requirement Paper to address the following areas listed below;? Requirements List;o Must identify how you came up with the requirements list;o Mapping of your requirements into you CONOP (Concept of Operation) for the TABLET(s);o Identifying priority one, two, and three (you have to set up the priorities);o Generate a Functional Requirement Specification (FRS);Scenario;You are a GS-13 civilian trying to get promoted to a GS-14 position at the Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington DC. You work directly for Admiral Goodluck who wants to promote you if you accomplish this task for him.;He wants to utilize a variety of electronic tablets to access and read e-mail from government web sites (Note: Coast Guard is dual-hatted ?Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security). He has been briefed on a variety of mobile devices accessing the network but they seemed to be focused on one or two products. How can the Coast Guard stay updated with the commercial products but make them secure(Unclassified For official Use only (u/fouo)) to utilize them on government networks)?;You must use quotation marks and attribute the source right there following APA style. Also be sure to cite references right there using APA style when you paraphrase the words of others. Submit this assignment to your Assignment Folder prior to the submission deadline.;1. You may use any resources in addition to the textbook, such as other books, articles, and the Web. You are expected to perform research at the graduate level. You must, however, do your own work and you may not collaborate with your classmates.;2. This paper shall be five double?spaced pages at a minimum(no maximum limit) not including bibliography, with one?inch margins and 12?point font.;3. Following Format is required for the paper;? Title Page;? Table of Contents;? Abstract;? Contents (must be a minimum of 5 pages);? References;4. Grading will be based on the following criteria;? Format -10% (See #3 for instructions);? Content -70%;o 20%-CONOP;o 20%- Requirements List;o 10%-Prioritization;o 20%-Functional Requirement Specification (FRS);? Writing Skills-20%-How well did you present your work in the assignment (Professor Bonner?s Subjective Skills)


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