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Please answer and show how the answers were derive...




Please answer and show how the answers were derived (actual calcualtions)in additon to just providing the answer. Thanks,Hi and thanks. Not sure if you got my earlier message, but please provide the actual calculations on how the answers were derived in addition to providing the final answer. Thanks!,Hi, can you let me know how long the "evaluation stage" generally takes before it's accepted or not? Thanks,Hi, Can you explain what the first part of question #2 is - Recurring cash flow in the terminal year of 29.75? I'm not sure where that number came from. Also, for question #1 can you tell me what the actual figure is for Cost of debt post tax? I just want to make sure i understand where the numbers are coming from. Thank you for all your help!,One more question for question #3 how did you compute the IRR at 20.3% What formula did you use?,Oh sorry, I got the formula was in the cell. thanks.,I recheck the information. It looks like all my questions are included in the formulas within excel. Therefore, I don't need any further explanation. Thanks again!


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