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Bridgeware Company has a materials price standard of $6.00 per pound. Two thousand pounds of materials were purchased at $6.60 a pound. The actual quantity of materials used was 2,000 pounds, although the standard quantity allowed for the output was 1,800 pounds.;30. Bridgeware Company's materials price variance is;A) $120 U.;B) $1,200 U.;C) $1,080 U.;D) $1,200 F.;31. Bridgeware Company's materials quantity variance is;A) $1,200 U.;B) $1,200 F.;C) $1,320 F.;D) $1,320 U.;32. Bridgeware Company's total materials variance is;A) $2,400 U.;B) $2,400 F.;C) $2,520 U.;D) $2,520 F.


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