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Research the tax law and write Jack a brief memo




Doctor Bones prescribed physical therapy in a pool to treat Jack Borden???s broken back. In response to this advice (and for no other reason), Jack built a swimming pool in his backyard and strictly limited use of the pool to physical therapy. Jack paid $25,000 to build the pool. Jack consults you for advice concerning whether this amount or any portion of the amount would qualify as a deductible medical expense on his federal income tax return.;Research the tax law and write Jack a brief memo of no more than two pages, in which you communicate the results of your research. Use the format for communicating research findings modeled on page A-6 of your textbook for your memorandum. Identify relevant statutory, regulatory, and judicial authorities and discuss how these authorities affect your conclusion concerning the deductibility of the pool construction costs as a medical expense on Jack?s federal income tax return.


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