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steps would you take in performing the reconciliation




5-1 In the case study of Melissa Robinson, Melissa was able to steal over $60,000 from her employer. Why was she able to commit her fraud without detection?;5-2 Assume you are a new hire in the accounting department of an organization. One of your responsibilities is the reconciliation of the operating account. After the end of the month you are given a copy of the bank statement and the canceled checks, and are instructed to perform your reconciliation. You notice that there are some faint markings on a portion of the bank statement that could be alterations. What steps would you take in performing the reconciliation?;5-3 If a fraudster does not have legitimate access to check stock, he must obtain access to the check stock in order to commit a forged maker scheme. What are some ways blank checks can be fraudulently obtained, and what measures could an organization take to prevent this from occurring?.;6-4 In terms of preventing payroll fraud, why is it important for hiring and wage rate changes to be administered through a centralized and independent human resources department?;6-5 If you suspect that a sales-person is inflating his commissions, what would you do to determine whether this were occurring?;6-6 Beta is one of ten salespeople working for ABC Company. Over a given period, 15 percent of Beta?s sales are uncollectable, as opposed to an average of 3 percent for the rest of the department. Explain how this fact could be related to a commission scheme by Beta.


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