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saint MBA575 course project




saint MBA575 course project;saint MBA575 course project;3500 word paper written on culture and how culture affects religion.;MBA 575;Final Paper Guidelines and Rubric;Select any topic that is discussed within the text of the book to conduct research on and discuss. Please refer to the grading rubric below for guidance and specific Final Paper requirements.;Email the topic for the Final Paper to the instructor no later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT of Module 2for approval.;Submit the Final Paper to the Dropbox no later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT of Module 7. (This Dropbox basket is linked to Turnitin.);Written Assignment Grading Rubric;Competency;Level 4;Level 3;Level 2;Level 1;Supports thesis with;Supports thesis. Refers;Alludes to examples;Does not refer to;Proficiency;specific examples and;to examples or theories;and theories in a;any examples or;theories from peer-;from peer-reviewed or;general way to;theories to support;Knowledge;reviewed and other;other credible sources.;support thesis.;thesis. Sources are;Understanding;credible sources. Shows;Shows a credible level of;Sources are suspect.;not credible. No;and Research;a well-developed depth;depth and understanding;Levels of depth and;discernible thesis is;Depth;and understanding of the;of the subject.;understanding are;developed.;subject.;minimally acceptable.;Integrates theory and;Integrates theory and;Integrates theory and;Does not integrate;Synthesis;knowledge in an;knowledge in an;knowledge in a;theory or knowledge;Analysis, and;accurate and highly;accurate way to support;cursory manner.;in an acceptable;Comprehension;insightful way to support;thesis.;fashion.;thesis.;Organization;Paper is organized;Paper is organized;Paper is somewhat;Paper is;points of the thesis are;points of the thesis are;disorganized, points;disorganized, points;formulation;distinct, and information;distinct, and information;of the thesis are;of thesis are not;logic, and;is logically sequenced;is logically sequenced;distinct, but the;distinct, and;identification of;and key points are made;and readily identifiable.;information is not;information is not;key points;obvious.;logically sequenced.;logically sequenced.;Word choice and;Word choice and;Word choice and;Word choice and;sentence structure are;sentence structure are;sentence structure;sentence structure;suitable for graduate;suitable for graduate;are marginally;are not suitable for;level work. Composition;level work. Minimal;acceptable for;graduate level work.;Grammar, Word;and punctuation issues;typographical, spelling;graduate level work.;Repeated;Choice, and;are rare.;and punctuation errors.;Moderate;typographical;Terminology;typographical;spelling, and;spelling, or;punctuation errors;punctuation errors;are an obstacle.;create reading;interruptions.;Superior use of;Good use of references;Some use of;Little use of;references and citations;and citations and;references and;references and;Proper use of the;and/or solid usage of the;reasonable usage of the;citations and/or;citations and/or poor;APA formatting;APA style. Paper meets;APA style. Paper meets;moderate usage of;use of the APA;style;or exceeds assignment;or exceeds assignment;the APA style. Paper;style. Paper does;word or page;word or page;meets word or page;not meet word or;requirements.;requirements.;requirements.;page requirements.


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