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Working in teams is an important element to the business world, so it is important to hone these skills as MBA students. For the group project, you will work in small groups to demonstrate your knowledge of hypothesis testing. To begin, review the lecture materials about writing hypothesis and common errors, from there, check in the group area to start communicating with your team. Your group can be found in Blackboard by following these steps;Click on Groups on the navigation bar;Scroll down to Groups, and;Select your group.;Note:Your discussion boards will be broken down into 3 weeks to help organize communication. In each week, you will find the statistical problems you are to work on.;Once completed, ONE person from your group will hand your completed work in.;Week 2 problems;Writing Hypotheses;Read the situation. Then write the hypotheses in correct mathematical notation. Do not conduct any statistical tests. Just write the hypotheses. Insert your answers between the problems.;Here are some things to keep in mind;1) On the Hypothesis Testing Worksheet, all you need to do is write the null and alternative hypotheses for each situation.;2) The null hypothesis will always be ?=?.;3) You can use either "?" or ?not =? for ?does not equal?. Greater than and less than is ?>? or ? ? or ?


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