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Take Test: Final Exam (Chapters 11-21);Question 1;1 points;Saved;Scenario 21.2 Use the following to answer the questions. Glenwood Pet considering implementing a new pricing strategy for its veterinarian services. After reviewing the previous three years' revenue, Glenwood finds that most of its customers bring their pets in for the required annual vaccinations and then only if the animal is ill. Glenwood's objective is to generate more income per customer on an annual basis. The hospital has previously priced its services by charging a flat fee for the ofce visit, a fee;for each vaccine, and a fee for each type of examination beyond the basic ofce visit. Most customers pay the flat ofce fee and a fee for a rabies vaccine. Glenwood is now considering a new plan where the pet owner would pay one fee that would cover an ofce visit, the required rabies vaccine, and additional vaccines that prevent heartworm, kennel-cough, and fleas. Glenwood hopes to encourage the pet owners to view their pet's health as part of a prevention program, rather than a one-time annual visit. Refer to Scenario 21.2. Glenwood's previous pricing strategy is an example of ____ pricing, while the new;strategy is an example of ____ pricing.;percentage, cost-based;cost-based, psychological;sales-based, customary;a la carte, bundledemand-based, bundling; Page 1 of 28;Take Test: Final Exam (Chapters 11-21) 12/13/13, 2:06 PM;Question 2;1 points;Saved;Scenario 21.2 Use the following to answer the questions. Glenwood Pet considering implementing a new pricing strategy for its veterinarian services. After reviewing the previous three years' revenue, Glenwood finds that most of its customers bring their pets in for the required annual vaccinations and then only if the animal is ill. Glenwood's objective is to generate more income per customer on an annual basis. The hospital has previously priced its services by charging a flat fee for the ofce visit, a fee;for each vaccine, and a fee for each type of examination beyond the basic ofce visit. Most customers pay the flat ofce fee and a fee for a rabies vaccine. Glenwood is now considering a new plan where the pet owner would pay one fee that would cover an ofce visit, the required rabies vaccine, and additional vaccines that prevent heartworm, kennel-cough, and fleas. Glenwood hopes to encourage the pet owners to view their pet's health as part of a prevention program, rather than a one-time annual visit. Refer to Scenario 21.2. Glenwood has decided that it is going to ofer a special package o fer if the prevention plan is purchased within the first30 days of each year's time for vaccinations.;This type of pricing strategy would be an example of;customary pricing.;secondary-market pricing.;introductory pricing.;periodic discounting.random discounting.;Question 3;1 points;Saved;A product that has more features than those of its competition, or that of higher quality, warrants using which type of pricing strategy?;Custom pricing;Special-event pricing;Premium pricing;Price liningBait pricing;Question 4;1 points;Saved;When Sharp first introduced its line of graphing calculators, it set thehas lowered the price as competitors have entered the market. The pricing strategy;initially used by Sharp is called;customary pricing.;odd-even pricing.;penetration pricing.;price skimming.prestige pricing.; Page 2 of 28;Take Test: Final Exam (Chapters 11-21) 12/13/13, 2:06 PM;Question 5;1 points;Saved;When Mia and Shane are planning their honeymoon, their travel agent;they buy a special package, their trip to Paris will include meals, tickets to the theater, and a rental car in addition to airfare and a hotel. This is an example of the use of;multiple-unit pricing.;bundle pricing.;prestige pricing.;price lining.price packaging.;Question 6 1 points Saved;Scenario 21.1 Use the following to answer the questions. Suppose that considering a new line of sunglasses that would be sold in major department stores. The new line would be positioned as a more distinctive brand than the typical glasses sold through department stores, and would be priced higher than other brands in the store;but a lower price line than the current Ray-Ban lines that are sold through more selective stores. In determining the price for this sunglass line, Ray-Ban wants to gather information about all brands sold in department stores and about customers' perceptions of those brands. Refer to Scenario 21.1. Given Ray-Ban's plan for positioning the new;sunglass line, they should use a ____ strategy when introducing their new product.;promotional;penetration;price-skimming;referencesecondary-market;Question 7;1 points;Saved;When determining markup as a percentage of cost, divide the markup;price.cost.;Remaining Time:09minutes, 44seconds.;Question Completion Status;1 points;Question 8;Saved;Pricing strategies and methods;help direct and structure the selection of a final price.;are the last decisions made for a new product.;are the same for all of a company's products.;are the most important decisions made for a product.; Page 3 of 28;Take Test: Final Exam (Chapters 11-21) 12/13/13, 2:06 PM;require limited planning on the part of management.;Question 9;1 points;Saved;Which of the following pricing objectives sets prices to recover cash as possible?;Market share;Profit;Cash flow;Return on investmentProduct quality;Question 10;1 points;Saved;If Nabisco wants to quickly gain a large market share with its new linesnack crackers, it should use;penetration pricing.;random discounting.;captive pricing.;price skimming.everyday low prices.;1 points;Question 11;Saved;Products for which buyers are willing to spend much time comparing;for diferences in prices, product features, and services are called ____ products.;shopping;specialty;service;convenience;unsought;1 points;Question 12;Saved;Which of the following is the most typical example of a new product;Pringles sold in snack-sized containers;A brand-new nut discovered in Africa;A car that uses no oil or gasoline;Shoes that literally make you run faster;A device that cools your car while parked outside; Page 4 of 28;Take Test: Final Exam (Chapters 11-21) 12/13/13, 2:06 PM;Question 13 1 points Saved;Scenario 11.2 Use the following to answer the questions. Megabus isin the Northeast and Midwestern United States, plus in Canada. It ofers travelers a cheap alternative to driving and flying between large cities, keeping the fares extremely low yet ofering the latest technology. Unlike the traditional Greyhound Lines, Megabus is an;express service, and is equipped with Wi-Fi, video screens, headsets, and seat belts. Many buses also run on biodiesel fuel. Additionally, Megabus picks up and drops of people in the centers of cities rather than at inconveniently -located terminals. Patrons can book tickets at, where some fares begin at just $ 1. Routes are limited, and are ofered out of cities such as Toronto, New York, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Chicago. Recently, its competitor Greyhound, has launched two new bus lines, BoltBus and NeOn, with similar fares and high-tech amenities. A fare on NeOn bus from Bufalo, NY to New York City is $50.00 roundtrip, while the same fare through Greyhound's traditional bus line costs $ 92.00. The benefit of Greyhound's traditional line is that there are more departure times and more stops in smaller towns along the way. Refer to Scenario 11.2.;What product(s) is Megabus marketing?;Megabus is a service and therefore is not marketing a product.;The ride between cities is a service product and is the only one Megabus is marketing.;The ride between the cities, which is the core product, plus the supplemental features of Wi-Fi, video screens, and other technology.;The ride between cities, which is a convenience product.The ride between cities, which is a shopping product.;Question 14 1 points Saved;The makers of Tide Detergent recently created "pods" of the product,small, square, plastic-wrapped packet that was easier to use. Since it is packaged in these square pods, it requires no measuring and can be transported more easily if one is;carrying clothes to a laundromat. This change in packaging is a strategy that can most likely help boost sales in the ____ stage of the product life cycle.;maturity;growth;introduction;market reductiondecline;Question 15;1 points;Saved;The stage of the product life cycle when marketers consider eliminating;not contributing to profitability or the overall efectiveness of a product mix is the;stage.;maturity;declinegrowth; Page 5 of 28;Take Test: Final Exam (Chapters 11-21) 12/13/13, 2:06 PM;introductionreorganization;Question 16 1 points Saved;As Jessica enters Audio Jetz car electronics department, she is askedshe has seen the new plug-in cell phones with cofee-warming app. She answers that she;didn't know that this type of app for cars was available. Based on this information, she is now in what stage of the product adoption process for this item?;Awareness;Interest;Evaluation;TrialAdoption;Question 17;1 points;Saved;An accountant buys a supply of pencils to be used in calculating the taxes;business firms. Based on this information, pencils in this case would be considered what type of product?;Business;Process materials;Raw material;Convenience;Consumer;Question 18 1 points Saved;Lindsay stops by the Safeway grocery, her preferred store, on the way;She picks up her usual brand of laundry detergent and orange juice, but she sees that there are no more range-free eggs available. Lindsay is very concerned about the ethical treatment of animals and so she leaves Safeway and goes to another grocery to purchase the range-free eggs. Lindsay's purchase of the laundry detergent and orange juice would most likely be classified as _____ products. Her purchase of the eggs would most likely be;classified as ______ products.;convenience, brand loyal;convenience, shopping;convenience, specialty;shopping, specialtyshopping, shopping; Page 6 of 28;Take Test: Final Exam (Chapters 11-21) 12/13/13, 2:06 PM;Question 19;1 points;Saved;When Jones' Soda launched its Turkey Gravy flavored soda, it was hoping;advantage of the short-lived clear-products fad. By the time it launched the soda, the fad for quirky soda flavors had already waned, and customers were no longer clamoring for these type of products. The reason this product failed is;poor timing.;the company's failure to match product oferings to customer needs.;inefective branding.;design problems.overestimation of market size.;Question 20;1 points;Saved;Which of the following service providers are most likely to use demand;Dentists;Lawyers;Doctors;Hair stylists;Cruise ships;Question 21 1 points Saved;Dentists find it difcult to attract customers because many customerswhether or not the product ofered is beneficial. This aspect of the dentist's product is;called ____ quality.;search;experience;credence;tangibleseparable;Question 22;1 points;Saved;Which of the following is the best example of a high-contact service?;Appliance repair;Newspaper delivery;Dog training;Interior decorating;Plastic surgery; Page 7 of 28;Take Test: Final Exam (Chapters 11-21) 12/13/13, 2:06 PM;Question 23;1 points;Saved;Many services base their success on building a group of satisfied customers;services on a regular basis over long periods of time. This critical component of success is referred to as;partnerships.;repeated customer contact.;inseparable clientele.;long-term customers.client-based relationships.;Question 24;1 points;Saved;Tina, a waitress at the Riverfront Grill, is angry that a customer complained;was cold because of her slow service. Riverfront owner Max Grifn reminds her that she must focus on service quality as defined by;the health department.;restaurant management.;the customer's perceptions.;temperature guidelines.general practices.;Question 25 1 points Saved;Maria asks Glenda what housecleaning service she would recommend responds that Pristine Cleaning is great if you can be assured that Janice will be the;person assigned to your house. Glenda's recommendation addresses which of the;following service features?;Heterogeneity;Intangibility;Perishability;InseparabilityHomogeneity;Question 26;1 points;Saved;The heterogeneity characteristic of services provides marketers with tremendous opportunity to;customize their services to meet unique individual needs.;hold down the cost of providing services to customers.;create standardized packages that will appeal to many customers.;ofer the same service as all of their competitors.develop relationship marketing with their customers.; Page 8 of 28;Take Test: Final Exam (Chapters 11-21) 12/13/13, 2:06 PM;Question 27;1 points;Saved;Children with muscular dystrophy who receive treatments developed through research programs funded by MDA represent ____ for this charitable organization.;target publics;target population;general publics;focus groupsclient publics;Question 28;1 points;Saved;Any service provider that ofers time-sensitive services receives most during;peak demand.;heavy use time.;the of-season.;preferred demand.customer contact time.;Question 29;1 points;Saved;Paid personal communication that attempts to inform and persuade customers to purchase products in an exchange situation is called;advertising.;sales promotion.;personal selling.;target marketing.public relations.;Question 30;1 points;Saved;Jin Xiao, a trained engineer, is a salesperson for a chemical manufacturer;current customers with advice about a product's characteristics and applications. He is a(n);missionary salesperson.;trade salesperson.;field order taker.;inside order taker.technical salesperson.; Page 9 of 28;Take Test: Final Exam (Chapters 11-21) 12/13/13, 2:06 PM;Question 31;1 points;Saved;The stage of the personal selling process in which the salesperson attempts;favorable impression, gather information about the customer's needs and objectives, and build a rapport with the prospective customers is called;prospecting.;preapproach.;approach.;making the presentation.overcoming objections.;Question 32;1 points;Saved;Creative selling, which requires that salespeople recognize a potentialthen provide the prospect with the necessary information, is performed by;order takers.;order getters.;missionary salespeople.;trade salespeople.technical salespeople.;Question 33;1 points;Saved;Which of the following is not true when making the sales presentation?;The salesperson should focus on anticipating questions and answering them before they're asked.;The salesperson must spark interest in the product.;The salesperson should not only talk but also listen to the customer.;The salesperson should involve the customer by having him or her hold, touch, or use the product.;A salesperson should not sound like he or she is just reading a script (i.e., he or she should be flexible and respond to the customers' comments).;Question 34;1 points;Saved;Fraudulent usage, inability to attract potentially brand-loyal customers;current customers but not new customers are believed to be disadvantages of which of the following?;Sweepstakes;Money refundsFrequent-user incentives; Page 10 of 28;Take Test: Final Exam (Chapters 11-21) 12/13/13, 2:06 PM;Coupons;Premiums;Question 35;1 points;Saved;A major disadvantage of personal selling is that it;is not remembered as well by consumers as advertising messages are.;cannot easily adjust the message to satisfy a customer's information needs.;is very expensive per contact.;does not provide immediate feedback.;is not compatible with other promotional activities.;Question 36 1 points Saved;A sales representative for Coca-Cola travels to various restaurants tomuch syrup the customer needs for the coming period. This sales representative would be classified as a(n);order getter.;inside order taker.;field order taker.;missionary salesperson.;Question 37;1 points;Saved;Kayla is the owner of a group of women's clothing stores located throughout midwestern United States. Recently, she made a large purchase from a leading clothing manufacturer, and was given ____, which is a gift to a retailer who purchases a specified quantity of merchandise.;a dealer loader;a premium;push money;a merchandise allowancea buy-back allowance;Question 38;1 points;Saved;The first stage in the development of any advertising campaign is;creating the message.;setting the budget.;identifying the advertising target audience.; Page 11 of 28;Take Test: Final Exam (Chapters 11-21) 12/13/13, 2:06 PM;defining the advertising objectives.creating the advertising platform.;Question 39;1 points;Saved;Alan is the CEO of Greensprings Landscaping. At the recent budget planning;Alan stated that last year's sales were down from the previous period. He then went on to say that Greensprings would have a budget of $100,000 for advertising in the coming year. In this instance, Alan was using the;arbitrary approach.;executive decision process.;objective-and-task approach.;percentage-of-sales approach.competition-matching approach.;Question 40;1 points;Saved;Advertising appropriations are largest for which type of product?;Business products;Convenience goods;High-priced products;Specialty goods;Infrequently purchased goods;Question 41;1 points;Saved;When developing an advertising campaign, benchmarks need to be included;campaign platform.;evaluation of the advertising efectiveness.;statement of advertising objectives.;media plan.budget.;Question 42;1 points;Saved;Brian is responsible for the promotions and public relations of his firm;rubber tires. A recent development in technology may change the way in which the rubber for tires is produced, allowing it to be sourced from the roots of dandelion plants. Brian would like to have a story run on the evening news or in the local newspaper about this development, but he knows that this story is likely to be rejected by media personnel because the material is;too long.; Page 12 of 28;Take Test: Final Exam (Chapters 11-21) 12/13/13, 2:06 PM;written at too high a reading level.;submitted by an organization that the media does not like.;not persuasive enough.not newsworthy.;Question 43 1 points Saved;Some of the posttest methods for measuring advertising efectivenesswell consumers remember advertising and include (1) recognition tests and (2) recall;tests. What is the basic diference between these two approaches?;The actual ads are shown in the former but not in the latter.;The former method relies on memory alone, and the latter shows the actual ads.;One uses a consumer jury, the other uses random individuals.;The respondents are given class clues in the latter but not in the former.;One is used primarily by the government, and the other is used by private businesses.;Question 44;1 points;Saved;If an advertising campaign is aimed at increasing brand awareness and knowledge of a product's features, the advertising objective should be stated in terms of;market share.;dollar sales.;unit sales.;communication.long-run goals.;1 points;Question 45;Saved;If during an advertising campaign a certain portion of advertising runs;then during specific periods additional advertising is used to intensify the level of;communication, a(n) ____ media schedule is being used.;beating;alternating;flighting;continuous with emphasis;pulsing;Question 46;1 points;Saved;The Bentley Agency places $2,500 in radio spots and $17,500 in television;Darnell Insurance in June. For its eforts this month, the agency "traditionally" would; Page 13 of 28;Take Test: Final Exam (Chapters 11-21);12/13/13, 2:06 PM;receive ____ in compensation.;$2,500;$10,000;$1,000;$5,500;$3,000;1 points;Question 47;Saved;If Carnival Cruise Lines increased the price of its seven-day cruise package;and, as a result, experienced a20 percent decline in customer bookings, Carnival's demand would be;steady.;inelastic.;elastic.;prestige.marginal.;Question 48;1 points;Saved;Jared is developing a business plan for a new type of bicycle helmet. He;finding the point at which the costs of producing the helmet will equal the revenue earned from selling the product. Jared is interested in finding the;elasticity of demand.;breakeven point.;variable costs.;price elasticity.;the sum of fixed costs.;Question 49;1 points;Saved;The degree to which the price of a product enhances a customer's satisfaction purchase experience and with the product after the purchase is part of their;response.;reference.;interpretation.;price satisfaction.price-consciousness.;Question 50;1 points;Saved; Page 14 of 28;Take Test: Final Exam (Chapters 11-21) 12/13/13, 2:06 PM;Steak is an example of a product that has an elastic demand for most people, because when price goes up quantity demanded goes down proportionally more.;Elasticity of demand is the relative responsiveness of a change in quantity demanded to changes in price.;If marketers can determine price elasticity, then setting prices at optimum levels is much easier.;When price is raised on a product that has an inelastic demand, then total revenue will decrease.;A product like electricity has an inelastic demand.;Question 51;1 points;Saved;What a price means or what it communicates to customers is called;reference.;response.;interpretation.;internalization.signaling.;Question 52 1 points Saved;When marginal cost is equal to marginal revenue, the firm should;produce more to increase profits.;produce less to decrease total costs.;stop producing additional units to maximize profits.;provide discounts to encourage purchases.intensify distribution to increase sales.;Question 53;1 points;Saved;Sellers that emphasize distinctive product features to encourage brand among customers are practicing;product competition.;nonprice competition.;brand diferentiation.;price competition.competitor diferentiation.;Question 54;1 points;Saved;Safe Auto advertises its automobile insurance as "minimum coverage for minimum; Page 15 of 28;Take Test: Final Exam (Chapters 11-21) 12/13/13, 2:06 PM;budgets." Safe Auto is engaging in;non-price competition.;demand-based pricing.;competitive pricing.;price diferentiation.price competition.;Question 55 1 points Saved;In conducting an assessment of her accounting firm, Paige discoversresults: average charge per customer = $250, rent = $12,000, total billings = $150,000, employee compensation and benefits = $60,000, and other costs = $110,000. Given;these results, Paige's profits would equal;a loss of $20,000.;a loss of $32,000.;$28,000.;$40,000.$222,000.;Question 56;1 points;Saved;IMA Wholesalers is a distributor of car repair parts and supplies, selling;and auto repair service businesses. Recently, IMA has been promoting the Pennzoil brand of oil over the Quaker State brand of oil by ofering larger discounts to the channel members. If IMA continues to do this, ____ is likely to result.;channel disintegration;vertical channel integration;horizontal channel integration;channel conflict;a tying arrangement;Question 57;1 points;Saved;A channel of distribution is defined as a group of individuals and organizations;consumes about one-half of every dollar spent on products in the United States.;directs the flow of products from producers to customers.;links producers to other marketing intermediaries.;takes title to products and resells them.;manages transportation and warehousing functions.; Page 16 of 28;Take Test: Final Exam (Chapters 11-21) 12/13/13, 2:06 PM;Question 58;1 points;Saved;Eric is concerned about not having enough air conditioning units in inventory;July, and August so he keeps extra inventory to guard against stockouts during this critical period. Eric is keeping;short order lead times.;just-in-time inventory.;a controlled usage rate.;safety stock.excessive inventory.;1 points;Question 59;Saved;Because the iPhone is such a popular product and the company is so;is in a position to exert considerable control over channel structures and the way the;iPhone is marketed. This is an illustration of channel ____ in the distribution channel.;conflict;leadership;dominance;cooperation;negotiation;Question 60;1 points;Saved;Organizational buyers are especially partial to direct marketing channels;they buy cheap materials in large quantities.;they try a new product for the first time.;they are filling an order for a very important customer.;a modified rebuy type of decision is involved. expensive and/or complex equipment is involved.;Question 61;1 points;Saved;The reasons a vertically integrated channel can be more efective against competition is because of all of the following except;the consolidation of power.;tightly controlled and bureaucratic management style.;the ability to inhibit competitors.;the sharing of responsibilities and information.increased bargaining power.; Page 17 of 28;Take Test: Final Exam (Chapters 11-21) 12/13/13, 2:06 PM;Question 62;1 points;Saved;Scenario 15.1 Use the following to answer the questions. Liz Claiborne;several diferent brands, under their own Claiborne name label, as well as others. Their primary brands, such as Liz Claiborne, Liz & Co, and DKNY, are sold to wholesalers. These brands are then available through retail department stores such as Kohl's and Macy's. Their wholesale-based brands division is positioned as customer-focused and cost-efcient. Their premium brands division includes labels such as Kate Spade, Juicy Couture, and Mexx. These premium brands are sold through stores that the Claiborne company owns. Refer to Scenario 15.1. If Liz Claiborne were to distribute their Kate Spade brand through its company-owned stores and through wholesalers, to major department;stores, then Liz Claiborne would be using ____ distribution.;intensive;vertical;horizontal;dualexclusive;Question 63;1 points;Saved;Supply chains for durable goods typically begin at _____ and end at;Raw materials, the retailer;Suppliers, the retailer;Raw materials, the customer;Suppliers, the customer;Retailers, the customer;Question 64 1 points Saved;In the distribution channel for Domino's Pizza, channel members areagreements that spell out the obligations and rights of each member. This is an example;of a(n) ____ vertical marketing system.;contractual;administered;corporate;negotiatedinstitutional;Question 65 1 points Saved;When Jify-Pop packaged its popcorn in an aluminum skillet, complete handle, it designed the package to become the cooking utensil. After cooking, the handle;was removed and the package became the popcorn bowl. Jify-Pop's popcorn in this case is an example of _____ packaging.;secondary-use; Page 18 of 28;Take Test: Final Exam (Chapters 11-21) 12/13/13, 2:06 PM;multiple;innovative;category-consistent"green;1 points;Question 66;Saved;The brand name Hamburger Helper would most likely be considered;arbitrary.;generic.;suggestive.;descriptive.;fanciful.;1 points;Question 67;Saved;When Starbucks introduced their new instant cofee brand, Via, the company;in packages of three single-cup units. Starbucks' primary objective for selling Via in three-unit packages rather than single-unit packages was most likely;to encourage the consumer to try the product several times.;to encourage a higher consumption of all Starbucks products.;to sell more because of infrequent cofee purchases.;to reduce costs in the distribution and handling of the Via engage in environmentally responsible behavior.;Question 68;1 points;Saved;The Fair Packaging and Labeling Act focuses on the voluntary adoption;standards by firms within industries. It also provides enforcement power to the Federal Trade Commission and the Food and Drug Administration, and establishes;specific package colors for selected product categories.;package design approval procedures.;mandatory labeling requirements.;designated package sizes for certain product categories.;packaging regulations from the Consumer Product Safety Commission.;Question 69;1 points;Saved;All Healthy Choice products come in green boxes with the same Healthy Choice logo. This is an example of the use of; Page 19 of 28;Take Test: Final Exam (Chapters 11-21) 12/13/13, 2:06 PM;category-consistent packaging.;family packaging.;multiple packaging.;family labeling.;Question 70;1 points;Saved;Brand name awareness is an important element of brand equity because is more likely to be in a customer's ____ than an unfamiliar brand.;inept set;loyalty set;preference group;brand groupconsideration set;Question 71;1 points;Saved;The spray bottle for Windex Glass Cleaner could be considered a secondary because;its shape is ideal for multiple-unit packaging.;glass cleaner works on chrome as well as glass.;the spray nozzle has an adjustable valve.;customers can reuse it for other purposes.;it has a shape similar to other glass cleaner bottles.;Question 72;1 points;Saved;If Ralph Lauren, a designer of fine clothing, authorized Dan River Millssheets under the Ralph Lauren name?this arrangement is an example of;brand extension.;brand licensing.;product continuation.;private branding.individual branding.;Question 73;1 points;Saved;The Anderson Advertising Agency was developing a name for their client's;towel product. They finally settled on the name, "Soaker." Regarding the factors that marketers consider when selecting a brand name, which one does this best fulfill?; Page 20 of 28;Take Test: Final Exam (Chapters 11-21) 12/13/13, 2:06 PM;Compatibility with other products in the line;Flexibility to be used in various types of media;Using fabricated names that cannot be duplicated;Indicating the product's major benefits;Keeping the brand name easy to remember;Question 74;1 points;Saved;Alison asks ten of her friends over to her home to learn about exciting products. A salesperson from Angel Products makes a presentation and takes the;women's orders. This is an example of;a party plan.;telemarketing.;a warehouse club.;direct marketing.;a catalog showroom.;Question 75;1 points;Saved;An arrangement in which a supplier grants a dealer the right to sell products for some type of consideration is;selling products on consignment.;retailing.;wholesaling.;licensing.franchising.;Question 76;1 poi


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