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From the first vignette, ?Employee Autonomy: A Little Freedom Goes a Long Way




From the first vignette, ?Employee Autonomy: A Little Freedom Goes a Long Way ?, assess the advantages and disadvantages of providing employees with autonomy in their jobs. Select the most enjoyable job that you have had, and think of ways in which that employer could have increased the autonomy of that job.;?As organizations restructure and cut back on staff, a burden is placed on the employees that remain. Imagine that you work for an organization that has just cut back on staff and you, a remaining employee, are feeling overburdened with the extra work. Propose ways that the organization could address the shortage that would still result in cost savings but also allow employees to feel less burdened.;?From the second vignette, ?Finding the Leader in You: Jim Sinegal?s Strategy at Costco is to Not Follow the Crowd?, analyze the strategies that Costco uses to ensure success. Determine whether or not Costco?s strategy for its stakeholders is applicable to other companies. Support your reasoning.;?From the e-Activity, evaluate the importance of being involved in a social project. Describe the project(s) that you have selected and examine how being involved with these projects would help you as the leader of an organization.;?Assess what makes an effective marketing plan. You can be generic in your answer or use a specific brand or product in your response.;?An entrepreneurial neighbor admits to you that he does not have a marketing plan. Instead of a marketing plan, he religiously follows his business plan, which has elements of a marketing plan. Analyze this statement and provide a rationale response based on what you know about marketing plans and what it takes to have a successful business, brand, product, or service.;?Discuss the process you would utilize to develop a marketing plan for Peapod.;?Discuss how Peapod utilizes its data warehouse to customize its product and its promotion.


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